Friday, July 19, 2024


  • Daylong (7am–5pm)
  • Half-day (7am-1pm or 12am-5pm)
  • Hourly rate
  • Night program (5pm-8am)

Kindergarten Veselý Domeček (Cheerful House) offers good choice of different programs and their flexibility. We offer a unique opportunity of online scheduling attendance.

Kindergarten Veselý Domeček provides morning and afternoon care for preschool children (from age of 2 years), ensures cooperation with professionals (eg speech therapists). We will teach children the basic skills before starting school. We are preparing an interesting program with links to various art and leisure groups.

"We lead children to a healthy lifestyle"
Throughout the EVENTS in a kindergarten we lead children through EXPERIENCE using prepared scripts, utilities, and games for UNDERSTANDING their needs so that they themselves take RESPONSIBILITY for their decisions.

The program is completed during the school year of exciting events.

Kindergarten Veselý Domeček plans to expand the activities of an evening service with the option of sleeping children. In case of interest we prepare special activities for moms and dads, such as evening workout with the possibility of babysitting.

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