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Kindergarten Veselý Domeček (Cheerful House) is a private facility for our youngest in Velké Přílepy near Prague. We provide our services from September 2011.

Kindergarten Veselý Domeček is located in a reconstructed order house. The reconstruction took place under the guidance of experienced architects of Atelier Kunc. During reconstruction was meant for maximum child safety (anti-slip tapes, barriers to the stairs, cover the edges of furniture, but also the internal circulation of warm water ensuring the temperature at which children can not scald). It was remembering the amenities and thermal comfort (in summer if necessary, can be used with air conditioning on all floors).
Hilarious house has a garden, where was built a small rope park, which in addition to entertainment is suitable for the training of motor skills or various competitions. The advantage is its versatility that allows for changes or additions. Maintaining high safety for children is commonplace. Garden has a sandpit, slide and flowerbed for gardening and cultivation activities for children.
At the entrance to the garden is a terrace with a pergola for year-round residence outside under the outdoor activities.

Kindergarten Veselý Domeček will provide morning and afternoon care for preschool children (from the age of 2 years), ensure cooperation with professionals (eg speech therapists). We will teach children the basic skills before starting school. We are preparing an interesting program with links to various art and leisure groups.

Our goal is to create an open and friendly environment with the possibility of involvement of parents in creation of activities content. To do this, the surveys help us to find the interests and preferences of parents and children.
We do not consider it appropriate location webcams and similar facilities in our area, as well as password-protected access via web interface does not rule never to abuse it. Therefore, the interior of Veselý domeček is designed to allow the participation of parents in their own program or meeting with us and other parents.

Kindergarten Veselý Domeček offers good choice of different programs and their flexibility. We offer a unique opportunity of online scheduling attendance.

Kindergarten Veselý Domeček plans to expand the activities of an evening service with the option of sleeping children. In case of interest we prepare special activities for moms and dads, such as evening workout with the possibility of babysitting.

Kindergarten Veselý Domeček is committed to ensure quality food and a healthy lifestyle. Children will be encouraged to develop well-chosen educational programs. We want to teach good fundamentals in accordance with professional requirements of the current curriculum reform:

  • acceptance of the natural development specifics of preschool children and their projection into the content, forms and methods of education,
  • enable the development and education of each child in the extent of his individual capabilities and needs
Starting from the acquisition and development of basic skills:
  • learning ability (eg using logic and memory games, explore the area and naming new things, events, animals, plants, etc.),
  • ability to solve problems and situations (experimenting, finding new solutions during games etc.),
  • communication skills (using regular everyday communication of experiences, events, wishes, storytelling, etc.),
    Considered vital, correct language and pronunciation of the language.
  • development of fine motor skills (through special toys to teach the fine manual movements, but also the possession and use of cutlery or drawing materials).
To do this, we have adapted the daily and annual program, which includes above principles.

In case of questions please contact us at the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

We will inform you through this website about news and other preparation, which we want to gradually enhance and complement.